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My name is Kyle Stephen-Lett and I am an experienced and talented Junior draughtsman in the Art Department for Film and TV. I have a bachelor's degree in TV and Film Set Design from the University of South Wales after having completed my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at UAL Wimbledon and Camberwell. University helped me to explore my hidden talents and gave me the confidence to create anything. Also had an Art Direction Training with Terry Ackland-Snow at Pinewood Studios to enhance my knowledge of film traditional drawings for the film industry such as full size and detailed drawings.

Since childhood, I have been inspired by the Harry Potter films and this influence has helped shape my interest in production design. That has been a major driving force throughout my career. I am passionate about designing the sets that will leave the viewers in awe around the world .I have been working in the art departments for film and television projects with some of the biggest studios in the business which have previously been involved with Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm and more.

I am currently working on a project for HBO and am excited to see where this journey takes me.

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