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I am currently working on a project for HBO production company as a Junior Draughtsman.

I am a recent graduate from the University of South Wales, where I started my journey in the field of Film studying TV and Film Set Design after having completed my A levels and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at UAL Wimbledon and Camberwell. University helped me to explore my hidden talents and gave me the confidence to create anything. I have finished Art Direction Training with Terry Ackland-Snow at Pinewood Studios to enhance my knowledge of film traditional drawings for the film industry such as full size and detailed drawings.

I have been able to gain work experience in the film industry on productions by Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Lucasfilm and Carnival Films. I am focused on pursuing a career as a Film Art Director or Production Designer in the future. I am passionate about designing the sets that will leave the viewers in awe around the world.


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